Friday, April 30, 2010

About Us

BDC TRADING is founded in 2008. It was known as Sharmi Fashion which has started from 1988. We are well known for grade a bundled clothes and garment since then. But our business was down in 1994 due to economic crises. Now we are back with more advance strategies and choices of clothing. We work in co-operation with USA suppliers to supply only grade a levi’s jeans.

We have grown considerably during this time and have been able to specialize in supplying our buyers with high quality used merchandise. We hope that our offerings will solve your search for quality product at reasonable price.

These are our offers on quality products you purchase from us:
- Our quality control is excellent!
- Our used merchandise is of exceptional quality - - BDC TRADING SDN BHD does not deal with second rate merchandise or junk.
- Much of our merchandise is available on an ongoing basis
- Our freight forwarder can give you the lowest rates available when shipping from our warehouses.
- We do not deal with broker chains. - we have available container loads and smaller loads of :
- used levis jeans 
- used levis denim jackets.


Anonymous said...

hope youre not like the others who advertise Aunthentic Levis 501 but NOT- and nothing but absolutely rubbish.

lot501 said...

Thank you for your comment,we are genuine small supplier and retailer of Authentic Levis 501

Anonymous said...

can i come n purchase jeans for personal use at ur outlet ?

lot501 said...

sure, we have small outlet in Kuala Lumpur. Which country are you from?