Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vintage Levi's Jeans Guide - Rivet Designs

Bar tacks are a sewing process that was used to reinforce the top corners of the rear pockets of jeans. It involves sewing a large amount of thread to an area for strength. It can also be used as an 'acid test' to whether or not Levi's are vintage or not. If they contain bar tacks at the corners, you can usually say that those Levi's are at least 20 years old and may be vintage.

First style of bar tacking. This is called an inner bar tack because it has to be bent down to ]
see the stitching.

Peroid: 1967-June 1976
Pockets were made with both rivets and bar tacking.

Black Dark Green

indigo blue/purple
Peroid: 1976-1983
No 'hidden' rivets, bar tacking was in various colors.

Peroid:1992-Present - This style in copper or aluminum is standard in todays Levi's 501 lineup.

Peroid:1989-1992 - Recessed letters and circular lines.

Peroid:1982-1989 Similar to above except for outter ring .

Peroid: 1966-1982 Thin silver base with L.S.CO-S.F-Levi Strauss and Co- San Francisco.

Peroid: Early 1900's : Note the lettering is now raised.
Peroid: WWII Peroid there was a simplified version used in order to conserve raw materials

Possibly the first copper style used on denim. Note the 20 in the middle and the letters on the surround are indented. also denotes a very collectable pair of Levis

Closeup of the first style and process, very rare and obiously denote very valuable piece of denim. And piece of history.

Genuine call only Razak
+6 012-262 5180 Herry +6 019-669 0878

All about being original.

These Red Tab 501 Button Fly Levi jeans

started the
relaxed revolution.
A classic fit through the seat and thigh,

so you get
unbelievable comfort.
Sits at the waist. With straight l
eg styling.

Plus, they'll look good with
anything from a

tee to a sport shirt.
Premium 100% cotton denim.
This is a nice pair of Levi's jeans with
slight fade and fray.


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salam bro...i've one levis with button emblem stated 20 in the middle..i kind a lost this jeans..need to find these back..where ur shop address..try to find..but cant..can i go there just buy for 1pair?

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salam alamat dan peta ada disebelah atas kiri,tq